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Youth Activities
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Orlem
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Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships.


- Francis Lopes/ Akshata Shetty

On August 18 and 25 we had Bible Sessions conducted by Sabina Fernandes and Sr. Pricilla and Akshata. The teachings were in English and in Konkani.

We began with the Book of Genesis and also learned about the Holy Spirit and Baptism. One of the sessions lasted for two hours. We were told of the immense faith of Abraham, Moses, David and other leaders of the Chosen People, had in Yahweh.

There was interaction between the group of twenty-five who attended, and the team that broke the Word of God. We felt uplifted as the teachings were mingled with prayer.



- Dr. Shirley Fernandes

The Advent wreath is a ring of green leaves On which four candles sit These represent the four weeks of Advent, Each Sunday, one of them is lit. The three purple candles represent a tree of penance

A penance which differs from that of Lent This is a longing for Christ in our lives As we wait for His “Coming” which means Advent.

The one pink candle is for the third Sunday It is Gaudete Sunday - a day of joy When the priest wears rose coloured garments As we await the promise of Jesus – our Saviour Boy.

Green leaves on the Wreath Are a colour of hope A symbol of eternal life in Christ Who is our One and Only hope. The ring itself, it has no end It has no beginning too

Its symbolic of the eternal nature of God Who became Man to die for me and you. As a symbol of divine innocence White ribbons can be of the wreath a part Bringing the meaning of the Incarnation

Right into our lives, homes and hearts. Participating in the seasons of our faith, such as Advent We live out the rhythm God has created for our race

The natural rhythm of the liturgical year is God’s gift Which causes sanctification of time and space.


Alvares Merylanne, Ricky Braz

On the eve of Independence Day people of J.B.C. came together to celebrate. It was organized by the J.B.C. Youth Group. The kids danced to some hit tunes. There was also a Mime Beat based on the famous character “Jassi” which left everyone rolling in laughter. The evening was filled with games followed  by a dance session. The rocking evening came to an end with an expression of thankfulness.

We invite the Youth of our Parish to contribute articles, their views, poems, and reports of their zonal activities for UthInk. You may drop these in Fr. Marios letterbox or e-mail it to ollc@vsnl.comThe UthInk team - Anita, Vanessa, Dalreen, Allan & Clovis

Youth on Internet

Check out the websites of two of our Zonal Youth groups:

Baudi Youth Group (BUG) :

Evershine Youth Group (HOPE) :

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