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Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Orlem
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                                                 - Catechist V-A, Wilma D’Souza


            On 4th  Nov’04, the Sunday School  students and  catechists of Stds  V & VI went to the Cheshire Home and Home for the Paraplegics. This trip was to relate the ‘mission’ given to us by Christ, to the Mission Sunday which we celebrated a few days ago. We hope that even if, at their young age, they do not understand the meaning of this trip, they would connect the two, one day in life!

            Each of the 12 catechists present had upto 20 children under their care.  Before we toured the place , the sister-in-charge gave our children a briefing on the working of the home, the age-groups, where the children came from, their qualities.


             There were three houses at this place:

1.      The House of Handmade Articles, made by the inmates themselves,

2.      The Gymnasium for the inmates, especially for those undergoing physiotherapy.

3.      The Care Clinic, for patients of the home.


            We  then had a cultural programme (a skit and a dance performed by our children) for the inmates of the Cheshire  Home  and left the place with an enriched experience.

             We pray and hope that by this visit, our children will realize the need for showing care and concern to even the elderly!





Std   V &  VI

 Catechist V-A, Wilma D’Souza


An Open House at Sunday  School? Rather uncommon, but, essential and effective! 

            On 23rd Jan 2005 from 8:15 to 9:00 AM ,the parents of the student of Stds V & VI assembled in the catechism class, where we the catechists, briefed them on the regular activities/ syllabus being carried out at Sunday School.

             We were open to suggestions for a better way of functioning. We received the following suggestions from the parents: 


      Written matter may be sent home after every class

      Stress not only on spirituality, but also on interpersonal skills

      Communication and interaction with the teachers & between students and themselves

     A Reconciliation Service be held at least once a month


Parents were made aware of:

1.      Attendance: that the children do not miss class, and that the teachers be informed of the reasons for their absence, if they do stay away.

2.      Punctuality: that the children are in class by 8.00 AM sharp.

3.      Requirements: to carry colours, their catechism book and the Children’s Bible at every Sunday Class.

            The suggestions received were not only effective but also enlightening for us, catechists, which we have already begun to take up. Thank you parents for showing your interest!





- Lorraine Bent, Baudi, Sector 5


It is very rare that women who assist in our homes have the space and time to enjoy themselves, and we, with them. The heartening thing is 37 were invited from our Sector and all put in an appearance, on Republic Day, between 5 – 7 p.m., in the St. Anne’s School enclosure.


Laura, our Parish Councillor, welcomed the invitees. Fr. Salvador put them at ease and urged them to enjoy themselves, in chaste Hindi, unlike ours!


A flower was offered to each woman as she entered, to make her feel special. The event began with an Indian dance by two little girls.


The ladies danced excitedly, played games with gusto and relished the snacks. They intermingled freely despite the big age difference. The  important point is they were called by name and felt respected and loved. Each of them gleefully accepted a little gift, sponsored by one  of our community members. Their faces lit up when they received prizes for the games. The ‘Group of 37’ was thrilled to walk up to the mike to announce their names and addresses, perhaps for the first time ever.


When it was time to leave the women not only expressed gratitude, but asked for more such get-togethers for which they promised to get others along.


We, too, left with joy in our hearts.



- Ratnamala and Sangeeta, Social Workers.


The Central Government’s Annapurna Niradhar Yojna was introduced  in Maharashtra in July 2003. As per the Scheme, Senior Citizens over 65 years without an assured pension or a regular  source of income, are entitled to free monthly rations of 10 Kg. of foodgrains


The existence of this scheme became known to Social Worker, Ratnamala Dhumal at a Seminar organized by the Rationing Kruti Samiti, an N.G.O. in Nov. 2003. She along with her colleague Sangeeta Harjani took the task of pursuing this project. Filling forms, sending applications and convincing authorities wasn’t an easy task. Forty – five applications were sent out in March this year. After eight long months, out of 40 cards allotted by government for the Malad area, 25 were approved and issued I.D. cards through Prayatna


Since Prayatna, an N.G.O. has been involved for the past 14 years in the upliftment of  the marginalised, we were given priority, as the first N.G.O. of Malad area, with maximum number of sanctioned forms.




- Joseph Azaved       -  Saby Dias


The following events were held during November / December 2004.


Senior Citizen ID Cards

After developing contacts with members of Dignity Foundation (DF), Kandivali, the issuing authority of ID cards, we commenced this project in October 2004 by purchasing 360 application forms @ Rs. 30 each from Dignity Foundation. 173 applications were submitted to Dignity Foundation out of 360 forms distributed. The ID cards will be available for collection within approximately 3 months from the date of submission, which will be announced accordingly.


MLA Felicitation on 3.12.04

The felicitation of Mr. P.U. Mehta, MLA, Kandivali Constituency No. 44 was held at St. Anne's High School. It was well attended by parishioners, Senior Congressman and other Congress workers, social activists and our parishioners. The following issues were projected prominently during the interaction:

a.      Water problem

b.         Roads including widening, etc.

c.            Hospital at Jan Kalyan, which is inaugurated and yet to be built

d.         Law and Order problem

e.            Resumption of Police Chowky at Orlem market, as it is necessary now

Mr. P.U. Mehta promised that the above issues will be dealt with in collaboration with members of Bombay Catholic Sabha.


Bone Density (Osteoporosis) checkup program

In collabration with Alchem Laboratories, a Bone Density checkup program was held on 5.12.04 at St. Anne's High School and the response was overwhelming. 154 parishioners were successfully checked inspite of only 1 machine operating instead of 2 that were scheduled. Due to heavy demand, it was suggested that one more camp be organized.



CREATIVE Child :- CREATIVE Parents!!!!

-         Dolly Pires, Sunday School Catechist (II Std)


            On Sunday 5th December, 2004 the students of the Std II along with their parent(s) got together in team spirit to work on a special project. The project was based on the topics taught to the students in the 1st term. The theme being God's  Creation / Noah's Ark.


            The children had to bring along recycled / waste products, along with A/4 size Drawing paper and the basics (crayons, glue, scissors, etc). They were to do the sketch at home and utilize their creativity in the School Hall. The reason behind the project was to teach the children to contribute towards the saving of the environment which God has created.


            The event started at 8.15 am and continued till 10 am. The hall was filled with child-parent  teams. Those who were not able to get their parents along, sat in groups of 2-3 and worked on a combined project. Some brought their sisters and brothers to help out. The items used were feathers, cotton buds, broken bangles, bark of wood, sea shells, coconut hair (coir), pencil shavings, flowers, leaves, stones, tea powder, baby coconut shells, match sticks, ice cream sticks, hair cardboard liner, buttons, brown paper, beads, straw, etc. The air in the Hall bristled with a feeling of competition with each team trying to outdo the other. The results, I am sure most of you would have seen displayed on the church soft boards.


            All in all, it was a whole 2 hours of fun and team co-operation. The child did either do the colouring or held on to the items which the parent would require to stick onto the drawing or the parent would guide and the child would perform accordingly.


Save The Environment. Keep The City You Live In  Clean And Green.



- Catherine & Ossie Pereira, CFM.


            Five families of the junior CFM group went for a Family Retreat to Atma-Darshan, Center for Spirituality and  Counselling, at Mahakali Caves Raod, Andheri (East) from 1st Oct  3rd Oct 2004.


            It was not the kind of spiritual retreat that one would expect; it was more a holistic approach of family life, where parents and children came together for an encounter through sharing, dialogue, prayer and recreational activity.


            The agenda included Meditation, Praise and Worship, Holy Mass, Adoration, Healing and Forgiveness and sessions which dealt with topics like:

1.              Salugenic (happy people) and Pathogenic (unhappy) people and their  


2.         Causes of Break up of Families.

3.            Functional and Dysfunctional families and causes for the same.

4.         Family conflicts, types of conflicts, causes of conflicts and healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with conflicts.

5.         Models of Family.


The Retreat affirmed the family as the basic social unit and effective communication, relationship and spirituality as important to a happy family life.


We urge the families of Orlem to attend this retreat. Interested families can contact: The Programme Director, Atma-Darshan, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai 400093,

Tel: 28363120







- Catherine Pereira, CFM Member.


The Programme was organized by the Christian Family Movement in St. Anne's School Hall on 28th November 2004 at 10.30 am.


BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing), better know as Calls Centres are the  current and most happening phenomenon in the country. Why are youngsters joining Call Centres and giving up other job avenues. The CFM decided to conduct a program to understand what a Call Centre is and the challenges one faces while working with a Call Centre. The Resource persons for the program were:


1.     Mr. Manuel D'souza, HRD Head of Intelenet (BPO)

2.         Ms Shenaz Siganporia, Coporate Trainer

3.         Dr. Perpetua Miranda, Sociologist

4.         Dr. Eshita Mandal, Psychologist

5.         Dr. Sharad Oza, General Physician


The program began by Angelo Pinto, member of the CFM welcoming the speakers. Mr. Manuel D'souza started the session by explaining to the audience what a BPO is and the processes involved, the advantages as well as disadvantages. Ms. Siganporia then took over and explained to the audience the kind of training involved for the employees of Call Centres. Dr. Miranda then spoke about the psycho  socio effects of working in a Call Centre. She described in length the health, mental and social problems one faces when working with a Call Centre. Parents should be aware and inculcate values before taking a decision to allow their children to work in a Call Centre.


Dr. Mandal, talked about how individuals working in Call Centres need to balance their lives if they have decided to continue working in a Call Centre. They can do this by medication, yoga, attend stress management programs, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and more importantly, have a good supportive family and friends’ circle.


Dr. Oza talked about how people working in Call Centres have no time for conversation with others. They give up their studies and are not willing to pursue further studies as the money is good and gives them a lot of freedom.


After the speakers made their points the audience was invited to ask questions to the Resource persons. One of our youth who worked in a call Centre was given an opportunity to answer some of the queries put forward by the audience.





          On 8th December 29, 2004 the Ladies' Sodality of our parish celebrated the feast of its patroness, Our lady of the Immaculate Conception, The feast was preceded by a 9 Day Novena. Cassey read  the Annual Report and there was music, photography, snacks, and games conducted by Laureta.


            Fr. Salvador and our earlier Spiritual Directors, Frs. Bona and Jude graced the occasion .It was a funfilled and entertaining evening with Fr. Austin as compare. All the members were happy to be part of such a wonderful organization.


The Sodality Meets every Wednesday in the Parochial Hall at 6pm. The Membership is open to all ladies - married as well as single.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.

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