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Small Christian Communities

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Orlem
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Our parish is proud to fall in line with the Archdiocesan Policy of building Small Christian Communities.[ SCC ]. We have 8 zones in our parish consisting of 46 sectors who are represented by 46 Parish Councillors in the Parish Pastoral Council.
On this page you will find reports of activities in the various sectors.... we wish to commend our Parish Councillors and the sector animators who make all this possible, by their hard work and generous service. God Bless one and all....!!


Gospel Sharing

  -  Hycintha D’Souza, Minister of the Word


Konkani Gospel Sharing was conducted in Zone 1 (Baudi) Sector 1 on January 2005. It was for the first time that it was carried out in the vernacular language. Fifteen Konkani speaking adults and four children enthusiastically and eagerly participated in the same. Though some of them could not read the Bible, yet they were hungering for the Word of God, which enriched their lives. Many of them took up a verse that touched their heart and shared it with others. They suggested that such sessions be twice a month. It was a pleasure and delight to share God’s Word with them. Special thanks go out to the animators and the people of the Sector who made it possible to share God’s Words in their homes.


May God bless then all.




Christmas down the lanes

- Kurt Gidwani, Baudi Zone.


            Forged in a good spirit of fellowship, the story of the birth of Jesus was enacted in all five sectors of Baudi on the evenings of the 27 – 29 of December.


            The half an hour musical was put together by the Parish Councillors, Animators and Catechists of the Zone. Armed with a 25 member choir, the Sunday School children, the youth and some of the elders of the Zone performed at one location in each of the 5 sectors. The performances at Baretto Compound, Dave Doll, Esperanca, Jo-Anne Cottage and at Nilanjana Housing Society were to large audiences. The final performance at Nilanjana was attended by a lot of people of other faiths who appreciated the performance, caught the message and got into the spirit of the season.


            The choir acted as the storytellers as the music dictated the flow of events. There were also 4 recorded hindi songs that added an Indian touch to the whole evening. The parish priests also  fed the catechists valuable inputs which enabled them to bring the spirit of Christmas to Baudi and liven up the Zone.



The portrayal of the Jesus story was excellent, the singing professional - almost, the costumes were realistic, and direction superlative. All in all, the enactment of the birth of Jesus was a great community effort. The enthuriastic involment was amazing.


Thank you Fr. Alex for painstakingly helping the parish present the message of Christmas to All, so very creatively.





Children's  Day Celebration

-Gwendoline D'Souza & Trishan Henriques


            Our Parish Councillor and Animators of Baudi, Sector 3 organised a very enjoyable evening for the children of the Sector on Children's Day. We were invited with personal  cards creatively designed by Ophelia D'Souza. A job well done Ophelia. “We were very happy to see the shed decorated with colourful streamers and balloons which gave a real festive spirit to the evening” says Gwendoline.


Thank you Dominic Mascrenhas, Karan Fernandes, Gerald Ferreira and Dean Fernandes for giving us your time to brighten the place. As we entered the shed colourful ribbons were tied to our wrists which helped to group us together for a game. We enjoyed taking part in the funfilled games planned for different age groups. “Our shouts and screams during the games displayed our enthusiasm” says Trishan.


We took away some very good prizes sponsored by Mervin and Meryl D'Lima  We appreciate their kind gesture. The lip-smacking snacks went down well with us. The delicious sandwiches sponsored and prepared by Cheryl D'Mello were swiped off. Willie Fernandes is always there with his sound system to entertain us with good dance music.


Thank you  Hazel Viegas, our Parish Councillor, our animators and all those who helped to make this day so special for us children. We really had a wonderful time and hope to see some more community celebrations in future.




The Feast of St. Cecilia 

- Ms. Daphne Netto


We the members of Sector 1, Baudi Zone celebrated the feast of our Patroness “St. Cecilia” on the 24th of November 2004 at the Church Shed from 7.30 onwards.


The programme began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues, whose wonderful homily on “the family” has sunk deep into our minds and hearts. It was heartening to hear our little children sing and play the organ, as choir at Mass.


Thanks  to Mr. John Menezes for conducting the programme after Mass. He made it very lively with his jokes and interesting games. All praise to Ms. Helen Barreto for the delicious dinner prepared by her and to top it all, was the presence of our Zonal priest Rev. Fr. Mario Mendes, who is always there whenever we need him.


Hats off to Ms. Joyce George our Councillor and her team for planning and co-ordinating the function.



On 4th November 2004, Hazel Viegas, our Parish Councillor together with our animators organized Gospel Sharing for the children of our Zone 1 Sector 3. “Gospel Sharing was really a very new thing for me,” says Rachel Pinto. “I did not know what it was going to be like. Once there, I realized it was something good.” “And real fun too,” says Merryl Fernandes. Lia Sathe from FILMC Team conducted the session for us. She helped us understand the importance of the Bible in our lives as the Word of God and taught us how we should respect the Bible. Sweety Kini garlanded the Bible which was placed between two candles. This was the enthronement of the Bible. Lia selected the passage which tells the story of Jesus calming the storm from Mark 4:35-41.

The passage was read aloud from our own bibles which also included the children’s version. Lia asked us to close our eyes, helped us imagine the scene and then we enacted it. A number of us took part and we enjoyed every bit of it. “Our participations was an interactive and enriching experience” says Karla-Ann. This enactment deepened our understanding ofthe message. Lia taught us a lovely action song “with Jesus in my Boat”. Oh! How we enjoyed singing it. All 23 of us kept rocking in the boat to the strains of the guitar well played by Willie Fernandes, our Animator. Lia’s warm personality and her gentleness helped us to interact with her and with one another. “It was the most amazing experience for me and I am sure everyone felt the same” says Merryl. Rachel remarks “the lesson I learnt from this passage is that no matter how difficult the situation Jesus helped us in all our difficulties.” Merryl sincerely hopes that in the future there will be more such programmes for children. She thanked Hazel Viegas and all the nimators who worked to make this programme a memorable and special one.

 - Merryl Fernandes, Rachel Pinto, Karla-Ann Ferreira


Christmas Skit

- Fiona John, Somwar Bazaar / Liberty Garden


      There was a lot of co-ordination between the children, youths and adults in putting up the Christmas Skit. We had the bare minimum of costumes. The cooperation we experienced has really brought our community together.


      We went out of our way to display posters in Hindi and Marathi, which are predominantly spoken in our Zone, to invite our brothers and sisters of other faiths.


      Bro.  Shaimon,  from Bishop Besco’s team filmed the event. The Skit was performed in Hindi interspersed with dances. Fr. Alex witnessed our members enact the birth of Jesus.


      We put up a Star as well, which also received good community support.

            This Christmas endeavour brought the entire community together, as one family, Christians and non-Christians alike.




On November 20th the youth members of our Zone gathered together to celebrate Children’s Day. We had several exciting games for children of various age groups. It was wonderful to see our youngsters so happy and joyful, all having  fun intermingling. We rarely have this opportunity as we live far apart from each other. Besides, there is no proper place for us to meet and enjoy ourselves freely. The tasty snacks and crunchy chocolates that were served made this a day to remember. We are all looking forward to more such parties and festive occasions.

We thank our Parish Councillor, Fyona for making this truly memorable event possible.

                                        - Hansel, Vanesa and Fyona



The Small Christian community of Sector 2 Zone 7 got together once again to join in the Recitation of the Rosary on the 31st of October at Sai Alpha Co-op. Society. One hundred and twenty people joined to recite the Rosary as one family. This was to culminate in our Mother’s Statue being welcomed in most of ourfamilies. Hymns both in English and Konkani rent the air.

To make the gathering more meaningful,light snacks were served which were all sponsored by our SCC members. Voluntarily we had people singing English and Konkani songs to keep the people entertained. The singing was followed by a game of Housie, and a time to introduce every member of our family.

                                                                  - David Lobo



- Raj Daniels (Parish Councilor)


JBC Zone, Sector 3 celebrated Repulic Day celebrations in Joe Braz Colony on 26th January at 9.30 am. The members of the Sector assembled for the FLAG hoisting ceremony, recited prayers and sang the National Anthem.




Silencing Cell Phones In Church

 -Raj Daniels

(Parish Councillor)

If we attend church on a regular basis or maybe on Sundays, you probably have heard a cell phone ring during Mass. Invariably it rings and rings as the owner fumbles through a coat pocket or a purse trying to locate the phone and turn it off. I’m sure a few of  us have seen people answer their cell phone during Mass

I was at a Mass about a fortnight ago when a cell phone started ringing. After a good 20 seconds, the fellow on the receiving end of the call was able to turn it off. The phone started ringing again. I’ve heard of phones going off during funerals. In one case a lady called home from church to ask whether the cake had been baked.


Our priests fed up with distractions have been announcing in church asking  people to turn off their phones.


In Mexico, priests have purchased an equipment  that jams cell phone signals and makes them useless within 100 feet where the device is located.


We, in Orlem, have to continue to rely on people to use some common sense and turn their phones off before entering a church. Cell phone etiquette, please.




- Mildred D’Cunha, Charmaine.


On the 28th of Jan 2005, a few animators of Tank Colony, met at ‘Charmaine’ in one of the  flat to share God’s Word. Quieting ourselves to be aware of God’s presence, we said spontaneous prayers and sang a hymn inviting the Lord in our midst. Mark 4:26-34 was read from different translations so that we could get closer to the true meaning of the text. We remained silent for a few minutes and allowed God to speak to us. We shared a word or phase   that made an impression on us. Like the mustard seed we started growing through God’s Word .



Confirmation Students Get together

- Venance Roche


      On January 29th all the students from Tank/ Dominic Colony who received the Sacrament of Confirmation were invited by their respective Parish Councillors for a get together.


      The session began with an exciting game, which helped us acquaint ourselves and interact with the other youth of our Zone. We then had an informal discussion with our respective parish Councillors. This conversation turned out to be informative. It also made us more aware of the activities and responsibilities in our Sectors and Zone.


            Fr. Austin, then made us aware of our mission. He asked all of us to come out of our shells and use our talents and become more active members in our family, our community and church . The session concluded with a prayerful service and a signing of our Zonal poster by each ‘confirmed’ candidate, as a symbol of our commitment  to service  in our communities. The get  together was thus, not only enjoyable but also a learning experience. We are sure we will be transformed as we live out our commitment


We went A – caroling

- Maria D’Cruz


Dominic Colony, Sector 2 ushered in the christmas feeling by going around the Zone singing Carols, putting up a Nativity Skit and a Dance.


During the whole month of November and December, the children of the Sector assembled faithfully at Ami Apts. every evening to learn carols and practise the dances. Priya Tauro and her mother Leena, as also Verus Hendriques and some adults, painstakingly taught the kids to sing, act and dance. Children of all ages and of all creeds, joined in the singing, and they enjoyed every moment of it.


On Dec, 22nd the skit was enacted at ‘Peace Castle’. It was well attended. Every character was depicited from the sheep in the manger, the three kings, the angels and the little drummer boy – who stole everyone’s heart.


On Dec 23 the Group went along Marve Road and sang Christmas carols at HDFC bank. A crowd immediately collected and some passersby clicked photographs. The children were well dressed in their respective costumes. Later the carol singers together with the animators went to all the buildings of our sector spreading Christmas cheer and joy. Many senior citizens stood at their balconies/windows and watched the children perform.






- Leon Rodrigues, Dominic Colony, Sector 2.


On the 8th of Jan. 2005, over a hundred adults and children celebrated the onset of the New Year. However, it did begin on a sombre note  as we gathered around to say a little prayer for the Tsunami victims. Fr. Austin, our Zonal priest also joined in. There were plenty of games and dancing.


Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves especially the senior citizens. There were plenty of prizes for everyone. The snacks were delicious and aplenty. The celebrations ended with the raffle draw, with a complimentary gift going out to someone in every building of the Sector – not forgetting the Grand Prizes consisting of four Hampers.


Our thanks go out to our Zonal priest, our councillor and animators for working very hard to make this event an enjoyable one for everyone.



A Moving Experience

- A Member,  Domnic Colony, Sector 2.


On  Sunday the 28th of Nov 2004 about 30 members of our Sector paid a visit to the Clergy Home, Bandra. The priests long for company and were very happy to meet us. Some of them enjoyed re-living their past with us. Many of the priests were known to us, as they had been in parishes where we lived as children.


Two of the priests had been in our very own parish years ago, and they inquired about a few parishioners. It was sad to note that a few had lost their memory, but even worse were the priests in the infirmary, who were all in a world of their own, oblivious to their surroundings.


Two of the priests had celebrated their birthdays the previous week. We took a cake  along and sang for them as they cut it, while one of the priests pulled out a mouth organ and played. It was heartening to see that the priests were very well looked after. Our councillor presented a purse from the collection we had from our Sector to the priest incharge.



- Swedyl D’souza, Domnic Colony, Sector 1


On January 21, the Children of our Sector,  who took part in Carol Signing  and  Nativity enactment, were taken for a picnic to Aksa Beach. This  was part of our bonding activity. Many children belonged to the age group of 4-10 years.


Immediately after breakfast Swedyl D’Souza, a youth, conducted an exercise  on responsibility related to children at home, at school and in the Sector. The context was the Christmas play and the picnic as well. We could easily tell that they enjoyed the sessioin. After a few games for intermingling we had Lunch. The children were taken to the beach in the evening. We then returned home.


Our special thanks to Fr. Austin, our Zonal Priest, our Councillor Aquilo, all the parents, the animators and the youth and children of our sector without whom our bonding activity would not have been a success.





- Angella Fernandes/ Dr. Merlyn Pereira, Tank Colony, Sector 5


          “Here we are :-

          Altogether as we pray, we will always be”


            The members of our Sector Community came together to celebrate the patronal feast mass of THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY on 8th December 2004 at Joywin /Blue Diamond .


          The 9 day Novena with Rosary from 29th November, 2004 to 7th December 2004 at different locations in our Sector was well attended.


          The beautiful backdrop by Mitten Pereira lit up the Altar. The ever smiling Dr. Merlyn  Pereira with her organ, led the choir with harmonious music and hymns. Our Praish Councillor, Rony Fernandes and all those present renewed the Sector's Consecration to our Blessed Mother Mary.


         The Mass was followed by fellowship which to our pleasant surprise was mainly compered by the all rounder, Fr. Austin who with his witty one liners had the crowd in splits of laughter.


          At this point a special mention must be made of Rony Fernandes  a man of few words and more action. He ensures success of every venture  by his selfless and dedicated efforts. A big thanks to all the animators.  Thanks also to Joywin and Blue Diamond Societies for permitting use of their compound and electricity .


          It was a memorable day, for  every Eucharist we celebrate as a community is unforgettable!


Memories Are Made Of This!

- Mertel Fernandes, Sharon Rose CHS.


            A get together for the Golden Heart (60 year and above) Senior Citizens of our Sector was organised to bring in  Christmas, at Sharon Rose CHS., Dominic Colony. “We were invited to an evening of song, fun and frolic.  Charming hostess Sandra warmly welcomed each and every one of us.


            The  young at heart, really enjoyed themselves, in fact a few of them gladly came forward to entertain the gathering. For many it was a happy break from their usual past times. They enjoyed the Konkani, Marathi skits and folk songs provided by comedians Valerian Lobo, Marina Rodrigues and the animators.


            The popular guest artiste Lenny Casson with his guitar regaled the appreciative audience with a wealth of western songs of yesteryear. The sound system too was excellent provided gratis by Mr. Seby Vaz. Rev. Fr. Austin Norris made it a point to drop by and be with us. During the interval everyone enjoyed the sandwiches and a cup of hot soup, the latter presented by Nestle (India) who also gave a packet of soup to all the seniors as a parting gift. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening!  On behalf of all the senior Citizens of Sector 6, I thank Mr. Terence D'souza our Parish Counsellor and his most devoted team of animators.



Dominic Colony

Carol Singing:


The children of our Sector 6, went around caroling on Saturday 18, and Sunday 19th December, 2004 in a well lit up  truck with the organist playing melodious carols as we drove from building to building. Being a cosmopolitan area, the people of other communities were thrilled to see the little children dressed and portraying the 'Nativity' Scene . The people of Sector 6, were given the message, loud and clear It was Jesus, the reason for this Season!




What better way for Dominic Colony Zone, Sector 2 to celebrate Children’s Day than by encouraging children to express themselves through art.

On Nov. 12th all the budding artists assembled at Ami Apartments at 11 am. They were provided with paper, pencil, crayons and paint. Children of all ages from the KG to the secondary section took part. There were 55 children in all. Fr. Austin Norris was kind enough to grace the occasion. He went around encouraging the children. The Drawing Competition was arranged by Ms. Priti Marquis. We express our appreciation to her.

On Nov. 15th at 7.30 pm a Magic Show was organised to bring children, youth and adults together.It was good to see so many people from the Zone enjoying themselves and laughing together.It was truly a community affair. We thank our zealous Parish Councillor Mrs. Yvette D’sa and her team of dedicated animators. Last but not least we thank Mrs. Leena Tauro as she played a significant part in the organization of both these functions.


A Best of Waste competition was organised for children of the Sector 6 in the age group of 4-14 on Wednesday 10th November, 2004. Children had to bring the material and make the Best out of the Waste they brought. The participants were very enthusiastic and presented some very creative work. The prizes were distributed at the Children’s Day function on 14.11.2003


Age 4-8 years 9-11 years 12-14 years Ist Shiney Rao Hyjel D’souza Ranjeet Subbaish IInd Eagen  ernandes Erosia Rao Darren Fernandes IIIrd Vibhuti Nandha Nupur Patel Shelton D’souza IIIrd Sanchia Pereira Neesha Dias Consolation: Dwayne Fernandes Chrisanda D’souza 

Children’s Day was celebrated with the children of the Sector of all caste and creed. There were action songs, group songs, a lot of games and fun. On  this occasion prizes were distributed to the Winners of the various competitions.

The Teachers’ Handwriting Competition (Winners announced in the earlier issue of ‘Reaching Out’) were presented with gifts. The winners of the Drawing Competition,and the winners of the Best of Waste competition were also presented with prizes. We congratulate all the children for participating in  those competitions and displaying their talents. Handwriting Competition for Teacher’s

1st -Mrs. Hycintha D’Souza ((Ronda Building)

2nd -Mrs. Diana Castelino (Siddhi Vinayak Bldg) & Jean Fernandes ( Skywalk Tower)

Drawing Competition for Children

(4-6 years) 1st Sanchia Pereira 2nd Aaron Fernandes 3rd Keane Pereira

(7-9 years) 1st Neesha Dias 2nd Hyjel D’Souza 3rd Gavin Rodrigues

(10-15 years) 1st Adeline Fernandes 2nd Craig Menezes 3rd Jinelle D’Souza

 Friendly Neighbourhood Rangoli Competition Our Sector being blessed with a cosmopolitan commnity, a Rangloli Competition was organised called ‘Friendly Neighbourhood Rangoli Competition.’ This competition was aimed at bringing the neighbours on the same floor together and presenting a Rangoli, with specification of 20 dots, and rangoli powders to be used. It was very encouraging to receive a good number of entries, from various communities of our Sector. The judges were Mrs. Pushpa Bhat, Miss Vaishalli Vyas and Miss Bharati. It did light up our hearts to witness the love and sharing among neighbours, a fulfilling experience, while going round judging the Rangoli Competition in the various buildings of our Sector. Mrs. Laura Cason was Chief Guest and gave away the prizes to the winners.

Ist Prize Mrs. Preeti Menon (Skywalk Tower) IInd Prize Mrs. Alpa Nandha (Skywalk No. 3) & Mrs. S. Nandha (Suman A/104) IIIrd Prize Mrs. Jigna Cheddha & Mrs. Meera Macwana (Skywalk No. 4)





- Melville X. D’Souza


The 26th of January is a day of  national pride for our countrymen; after all, we are a Republic with sovereign authority in our hands. While the government held their usual functions, and for others, it was another holiday for a picnic , perhaps, for the members of St. Luke Community, Sector 3- Loudes Colony however, there was a Get-Together.


To fit the occasion, a Fancy Dress compeition was held with the theme- ‘National Leaders- Past & Present’. There were just a couple of entries, one of them portraying the role of Netaji Subhash Cahndra Bose, in a khaki uniform and a Topi, promising freedom to his countrymen.


There were games and snacks for all, and to wrap up the evening, there was packed Biryani. A good time we certainly had – yet another occasion for interaction among members of the Lucan community.




Our Father’s Love Letter

-Saveena Cardoz

Lourdes Colony, Sector 2.


The cry of a Father’s heart from Genesis to Revelation

My Child,

I have searched you and know you

                                                Psalm 139:1

In me you live and move and have your being

                                                Act 17:28

In me you obtained an inheritance

                                                Ephesians 1:11

When you wake, I am still with you.


I knit you together in your Mother’s womb

                                                Psalm 139:13

I myself fixed before hand the exact time and

the place where you would live

                                                Act 17:26

I have protected you since the day you was born

                                                Psalm 71:6

I lavished wisdom on you those who love me

                                                Sirach 1:10

I know the plans I have for you, plans

to bring you prosperity not disaster

                                                Jeremiah 29:11

I love you with an everlasting love

                                                Jeremiah 31:3

I will never stop doing good to you    

                                                Jeremiah 32:40

You are my treasured possession.

                                                Exodus 19:5

If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me

                                                Deuteronomy 4:29


                                    With Love your Father

                                          Almighty God



Children’s Day / Carol Singing

- Selma Joseph, (Sector Secretary), Lourdes Colony, Sector 2


Our Sector celebrated Children’s Day on Sunday, 14th November, 2004 Children of other Communities were also invited to take part in the celebration.


The celebration began at 5:00pm with around 60 children in attendance. Mr. Max D’Souza and Mrs. Marry Rodrigues arranged and conducted a whole lot of exciting games for the kids. A finger painting competition was held for those belonging to the group of 11-15 yrs. There were prizes galore for both, the games as well as competitions. Candles and Diyas prepared by our sector children were up for sale. Children were served and they were enjoying themselves.


The celebrations were continued with a Food Fest wherein Tongue tickling dishes prepared by our animators were put for sale at reasonable prices. Young and old enjoyed themselves and some even took home food parcels for their near and dear ones.


Our Securities appreciated the efforts of the Parish Councillor and Animators in bringing together both young and old on the beautiful day.


On 18th December, 2004 our sector went around Carol Singing. Many families from the 13 buildings belonging to our sector joined the animators as they went around.


The group stopped at each building and had Santa deliver a Gift to every housebound/ senior citizens. The families of all of them appreciated this goodwill gesture. Sweets were distributed to all children, after which our Parish Councillor arranged for Dinner to be served to all who joined us in the event.


We look forward to having the co- operation of our sectorites  in all our future community celebrations. God bless our children and our sectorites.





- Melville X. D’Souza


Christmas in Lourdes Colony – it’s wonderful ! It’s so Christmas-sy here ! It really feels like Christmas here. Well, these are comments from visitors to the colony. The buildings  and the whole colony wore a festive look during the Christmas season. That is not all. To commemorate the birth of Jesus and to herald the Christmas season, a play was staged by the community of  St. Luke, Lourdes Colony,  Sector 3, on the 19th of December 2004.


How often have we heard the story of Jesus’ birth, perhaps every Christmas. And when was the last time we witnessed the birth of Jesus ? This was perhaps the first fallout of the ‘MediaArtists’ Get-to-gether held on the 5th of December 2004. And what a splendid performance that was ! The enthusiasm among those involved – whether it was acting out the parts, or singing, was to be seen to be believed. The amount of talent that lay hidden in the community – the actors, the singers, back – stage boys, the directors. All this required a great deal of co- ordination and dedication which was very much evident.


To capture this live on video was the Bishop Bosco Team. And the number of cameras that went flashing made it look like a professional  show, but absolutely Free!


Fr. Alex who witnessed the play, was highly impressed , and his words of appreciation will surely serve as encouragement to the community in their future endeavours. Fr. Mario, the Zonal Priest, was also among those who attended the programme.


The singers later went around the sector singing carols along with others from the sector; Christmas was very much in the air!



Out of darkness, our slum Christian Slum children are brought our into the light, by hearing the Word of God. Every week Gospel sharing is conducted by Mrs.Sabina Fernandes, who always encourages them to come forward. She trained them to stage skits, dances and to top it all conducted a fancy dress competition, according to age group ( 2 years to 15 years). This program was held on 7th November, in order to celebrate children’s day. All neighbouring people and our Sector  4 members were invited. All were excited to see the hidden talents of our children. We must say a big thank you to Mrs. Sabina Fernandes for taking the trouble, to train the youngsters so well in a short Period of 4-5 days. We hereby wish our children all the best and God Bless them.

           - Ms. Prescilla M.O.P.& Preeti and John Jane.



“Proclaiming with Prayer and Power – that was the ‘Back-Drop’ for the Patronal feast Mass of St. Luke’s community, Lourdes Colony, held on 8th October, 2004 at Classic Apt. Our Feast celebrations were pre-poned in view of the school exams around the actual feast day was on October 18.i.e. 18-10-04. Fr. Mario literally shook us out of our slumber in his homily by posing the question, ‘How does GOD inconvenience us’? After a stunned silence of a few minutes, several responses were forthcoming, and the gist of these responses was something like this, “Yes, God inconveniences us a lot. He comes into our homes and tells us to move out and go into the community, interact with the community, know the people around us, know our problems, and understand and help those in need. And to live as a community.

The celebrations that followed the Mass were enjoyable. The ‘Welcome Dance’ put up by the children, followed by the youth, and several games for the children, youth and adults ensured that all those present had a real good time. The celebrations wound up with Dinner and a ‘Vote of Thanks’.

                                        - Melville D’Souza, Animator




- Collette / John Santos

Dharmaraj – Vishal Nagar.


The community of Infant Jesus Mith Chowky - Sector 2 celebrated the feast of its patron on Feb 16th 2005. The celebration of the holy Eucharist followed by a community meal was attended by over 90% of the sector people- indeed in an overwhelming response, that surpassed the expectations of the councillor,  and the animators, alike.


As the Sector had seven of its students preparing themselves for the forthcoming S.S.C.E- a deliberate effort was made to encourage them, not only through the message on the backdrop, but also through prayers Rev. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues in his homily urged the students to soar high with the knowledge that God is in full control of their lives. Fathers Salvador and Mario were highly impressed with the large gathering.


The much awaited part of the evening was the community meal which was painstakingly prepared by the members of the 13 buildings within the Sector.

 This joint effort of hosting the meal enhanced the building of small Christian Community on par with the early church.


A million thanks to the Parish Councilor and his team of dedicator animators without whose assistance this would only be a dream .A sincere appeal to all members of the community- Now its no turning back- just keep marching ahead to higher peaks  and  to newer horizons building God’s kingdom here in our midst.




- Mikhail D’Souza, Mith Chowky, Sector I


      On 30th of December, 2004, the children, youth and elders of Mith Chowky celebrated Christmas by staging a dance program depiciting the Birth of Jesus, giving it an Indian touch.


      All the children irrespective of their religion including a mentally challenged  child, were invited to participate in this program. It was a laboured tribute of song and dance by the children to show the glory of God’s birth as a human person on earth. The children mastered the steps over a period of one month, under the guidance of Dr.Prema, through their enthusiasm and dedication.


      One of the unique features was the participation of children from all faiths. There was also an enthusiastic participation of the parents of these children which made the evening a memorable one. Every one present was joyous and expressed a spirit of unity.


      All present were also thrilled with the idea of depicting Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Graham Staines as the three Wise Men who lived their lives for the betterment of humanity.


            Our theme was “The Finding of Baby Jesus” in the old, the infirm, the poor, the sick, the handicapped, the lonely, in the love of a mother and a father, in the music of life, which was choreographed in the song dance BALAK YESU KHO PAAYA. Each day, every moment spent in love, is the birth of Christ – A finding of Baby Jesus.






A clarion call was given to all sectors of the Parish to have a crib, the theme ‘Christ – Be Born In Our Community’.


With this theme in mind, members of the Infant Jesus Community, Zone VI Sector 2 presented a miniature of the sector layout.


Once the herculean task began, what was most amazing was the response from the members of the non- catholic community. The enthusiam  shown, both, by contributing their creative ideas, and by lending a helping hand, was noteworthy.


      Seeing the Christmas spirit soaring high with virtues of sharing, caring, love, joy, etc. the animators were forced to alter the theme so as to boost the efforts of those present. The theme arrived at was ‘Christ is Born Today – in 2004, in our community, through harmony of different faiths.


Hard work always bears fruit. Needless to say our sector secured the 2nd prize in the competition. The prize money was spent on a party thrown to our enthusiastic members(caste, creed, religion – no bar).


Yes, truly we felt that there is no better way of celebrating Christmas than through communal harmony.


Evershine Nagar


- Stella, Zone 7, Sector 6.


     We the members of Sector IV, Evershine Nagar, celebrated the feast of our Patron Saint on 31st January 2005. Each animator was assigned a day to plan, prepare and conduct the 9 day Novena with  extracts  of  John Bosco’s  childhood,  Rosary  and  The Novena  prayer held at different locations in our Sector which was well attended. This ensured family bonding.


      The Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Johnson,  followed by a get together with dinner prepared by our community members. Rev. Fr. Mario and our Zonal co-ordinator made their presence felt by joining us in our celebrations. Thanks to our Councillor and her team for making this feast a memorable and eventful one.


- Jennifer Bisht


JUST AS “Happiness” means different things to different people. Similarly, all of us have different ways of starting a New Year.  Under animator Stella Pereira of the “Rosa Mystica” Community, Sector 3, Zone 7, started our New Year, with a thanksgiving prayer and get- together on 8th January, 2005 on the Navjivan building terrace. We had Rev. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues, our Zonal priest as our guest of honor, Zonal Parish Councillors and sector animators as our guests.


The evening started with fun and games, followed by the recitation of the Rosary. We offered thanks for the several favors received and placed our petitions at the feet of our Lady. We had been reciting the Rosary every May and October as a Community for several years. Every since our Holy Father declared the year 2002 as the year of the Rosary and introduced the Luminous Mysteries, we started reciting    them at every Community prayer. A few members also came forward and testified instances how Community prayers have worked wonders in their lives.


Fr. Salvador said that we should not wait for miracles, but should also accept and have the courage to carry our Cross when needed. At times of sorrow, Our Lord is more present with us and loves us more than at other times. Fr. Salvador made it a point to interact with each and every member present and this gesture elevated the morale of the Community.

The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner sponsored by some members. Though it was a very short and sweet event it generated much bonding and good feeling among the families.



A Vibrant Christmas

- Lydia Gonsalves, (Haridwar)


X’Mas  2004 was celebrated with much enthusiasm in our Parish. For the people of Evershine Nagar, the festive season was indeed a vibrant one, with more than the usual activities.

The story of Christmas was enacted by children and youth in song and dance along with Christmas carols at six prominent locations from 18th to 20th Dec. The Christmas story was thus narrated to hundreds of people in Evershine, including non- Christmas. The accolades received from the audience  reward in itself for Sunday school teacher, Hilda and her team of supporters, including the participants.

While tempting aromas of Christmas sweets wafted from Christian homes, many hands labored at putting together Christmas Cribs in Sectors, vying for the Parish prizes. The Cribs at Sai Baba Park and Haridwar won 1st and 2nd prizes respectively.

On 25th Dec. the youth of  Evershine started out early  in the morning along with Santa, singing Christmas carols and distributing gifts and sweets to little children in their homes (non- Christians included) much to their surprise and joy.



Our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru loved children and so his birthday, 14th November,is celebrated as Children’s Day all over the country.And here I am to share my experience with you on the Children’s Day celebration held at Modern Usha Colony Hall, Evershine Nagar.

The function started at 5.00 pm and the children were greeted by our Councillor and animators. We said a Prayer and sang a Hymn. Several games were played among children of different age groups.

We all enjoyed the function and returned home at 7.30 pm with a small gift.
                          - Venessa Donald (Std. VII)



For the month of October, which is dedicated to Our Lady, Sector 4, Zone 7, decided to recite the Rosary daily as a community. our Lady’s statue not only moved from building to building, but also from house to house. Each building welcomed our Lady for 8 days during which eight families volunteered to take Our Lady home daily in a procession, singing hymns. After the Rosary, each family took the responsibility of organizing a small fellowship programme. Almost 50-70 people attended the rosary regularly.

On the last day, 31st October 04, a small party was held. The idea of Our Lady going to each home was to bring families closer and to make our SCC a more vibrant one.

                           - Lucille Pereira


The feast of St. Therese of Child Jesus, our patron saint was celebrated on 1st October, 2004 by the members of Zone 7, Sector 1 with Mass by Rev. Fr. Alex. There was great enthusiasm and wonderful participation. The crowd was more than expected. Every part of the Mass was meticulously planned to make it meaningful, prayerful and lively. Fr. Alex added some more flavour by his juicy comments. The Liturgy, the Prayer of the Faithful and hymns were in English and Konkani. The skit on the life of St. Theresa of Child Jesus was very well portrayed and enacted, so much so that the faithful listened with rapt attention. 

The Offertory was unique with, the offering of an infant, some children, a special child, youth, a young couple and then an older couple (Senior Citizens). Fr. Alex was very impressed and he complimented the participants for the very impressive Offertory.

In the end, snacks were served and as a mark of fellowship there was a family game for all to participate. 
                                 - Elisha Mendes


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